How to Coupon – Giant Eagle

This the place to start learning learning all the details to shopping at Giant Eagle!

First you need to print a few things and keep them with your coupons.

-Coupon Policy- View it here
-Accu Scan Policy- here
-Customer Service- 1-800-553-2324
-Brand Quality Guarantee
- here

Giant Eagle’s weekly ad is valid from Thursday to Wednesday.

Using Your Advantage Card

When you shop at Giant Eagle, you must have an Advantage Card! Without it, you will not receive any of the sale prices or Catalina deals. Don’t worry if you don’t have your card, you can stop at Customer Service and get your number with your drivers license.

Use of Manufacturer Coupons

A manufacturer coupon is a coupon that is put out by company to entice you to purchase their product. At Giant Eagle they take manufacturer coupons as long as they are not expired.

More info about using manufacturer coupons at Giant Eagle:

Coupon Doubling

Giant Eagle doubles coupons with a face value of up to $.99. So, if you could find a coupon with a face value of $.99, it would double to $1.98 however, I have never seen one. A more realistic example would be a coupon with a face value of $.60 will double at Giant Eagle to $1.20. If a coupon has a face value of $2 it will stay $2. If the cost of an item is $1.20 and the face value of the coupon is $.80, when the coupon scans, the receipt will read “Scanned coupon $.80” then on the next line “Multiplied coupon $.40.” You will not receive any money back (overage), but the item will not cost you anything!

Not All Coupons Will Double

Most coupons still have two barcodes. The left barcode, it will tell you if the coupon is going to double. If the barcode on the coupon starts with a 9, the coupon will not double, even if the face value of the coupon is $.99 or less. If the coupon face value is less than $.99 and the left barcode starts with 5 it will double.

Do not worry if your coupon says “Do Not Double.” Giant Eagle coupon policy says they will double “any coupon up to $.99,” with only one exception, barcodes that start with 9. If your cashier manually stops your coupon from doubling for any other reason, you should call customer service and they will resolve the issue.

All manufacturer coupons redeemed at Giant Eagle are reimbursed at the face value by the manufacturer.  When a coupon is doubled Giant Eagle pays the difference between the face value and the doubled amount.

New coupons have just one barcode. It is impossible (so far!) to tell if it will double or not. Sometimes this will be noted in my match ups.

Manufacturer Printable Coupons

Giant Eagle will redeem the majority of coupons printed from the internet. Some may come through email or directly from manufacturer websites. Giant Eagle has some basic rules about internet coupons, they will not redeem those over $3, any coupons for buy one get one free or for totally free items. Also, they do not take more than two of the same coupon, which usually works out because most coupons are limited to two prints per computer anyway. These rules also apply to competitor’s coupons (more on that later!).

Store Coupons

Giant Eagle will offer store coupons in home mailers,  Catalinas, or the newspaper. Traditionally, the barcode on these coupons starts with a 0 (zero) and it will not double. Keep your eyes peeled, because you never know!

Advantage Card – eOffers

When you log into your Giant account, you can add eOffers (a manufacturer coupon) directly onto your Advantage Card. You CANNOT use an eOffer and a paper manufacturer coupon on the same item (Giant Eagle calls this “stacking”). Once I had an eOffer for $.50 off peanut butter on my Advantage Card and it did not come off my bill. I called customer service, they added a $1 off anything eOffer to my Advantage Card to make up for the failed eOffer.

Saving Star

They have a unique system for their ecoupons. You can put them on your card and when you purchase the item, the coupon value goes into your account. Once you have accumulated $5, you can pick a payout. These coupons DO NOT deduct at the register or show up on your receipt. Payouts include Amazon, PayPal and bank deposit. You can use a paper manufacturer coupon with Saving Star ecoupons. Saving Star ecoupons will be included in weekly Giant Eagle match ups! Sign up here.

Short Cuts

These coupons will be included in our weekly coupon match ups. Head over to the link and register. Make sure you pick Giant Eagle as your store, you will need to enter your card number so have it handy.

ShortCuts offers two types of coupons. One type you can print and the other you can “Add” coupons to your card. Coupons on your card should automatically be deducted at the register. The coupons are not always on your card immediately. To check, on the right hand side under your name it says “View My Coupons” and all your added coupons are listed. You will see a GE icon if the coupon is ready to use. Up to 75 coupons can be on your card at a time and each coupon can only be used once.

If a coupon does not redeem properly, keep your receipt. Login to, and click help. Then select “Electronic Coupon Redemption” and then “My electronic coupons didn’t redeem when I shopped.” Then you will get a link to a Dispute Form where you will need to enter information from your receipt. Sign up here.

Coupon Quantity Limits

You may only use up to “12 coupons per same 12 items purchased”, per day. This does not mean you are limited to twelve coupon total, but of same item. You can purchase twelve tubes of Crest and twelve packs of toilet paper. The cashier is responsible for counting the total coupons for each item. If you have more than one store in your area, you can buy 12 at each store or if your store does not enforce the policy strictly, separate your order into multiples of twelve. You will find that some stores adhere to this rule more than other stores.

Using the Self Check Out

I personally avoid the self check out, you might think you will get through fast, but it often takes longer! Because you can not use more than 2 of the same coupon, or a coupon over $2, without a manger having to key them in manually. Competitor’s coupons cannot be redeemed at the self-check.

Instant Deductions

Instant deductions are an automatic discount you receive for buying certain products. You can still use coupons on these items. Pay attention when browsing the weekly ad, often Giant Eagle will offer what is called an “Instant Deduction.” This is where, for example, you would buy a number of products and instantly receive a dollar amount off your bill. Often, this is a great way to buy Coke and Pepsi products!

Catalinas at Giant Eagle

Catalina machines are the small machines that spit out coupons and offers your cashier will hand you with your receipt. Three types of offers will print from these machines:

-Coupons, discounts or advertisements for other stores (usually junk)
-Coupons that print in response to the items you just purchased. For example, if you buy Pop Secret popcorn, a coupon for Orville Reddinbachers might pop out. Or if you purchase one Pop Secret, a coupon for $1 off two might print.
-The last kind is the best! The ad will often have offers that say “$2 off your next shopping trip!” These are like cash to spend in the store! For certain offers, the Catalinas might say you can only redeem them on your next “Health and Beauty” purchase.These are called OYNO Catalinas (on your next order).

OYNO Catalinas

“OYNO” does not mean the next time you visit the store.  You can buy the items that generate the Catalinas first, and the rest of your groceries in the very next transaction that same day.   Just let your cashier know you’re doing separate orders. I often do this, because if I take home a Catalina for $3, I might lose it or forget it! Make sure you check the expiration date, often they expire in three weeks.

If the store is out of stock on a hot Catalina deal, make sure you get rain check to get the deal at a later date when the item is in stock even if the sale is over. Customer service is the place to go to get rain checks. Make sure they write amount of the Catalina and what it takes to qualify for the Catalina.  When you redeem your raincheck (and coupons if you have any) they will give you a gift card or print you a Catalina, just don’t forget to remind the cashier!

Unlike coupons where Giant Eagle will not give you overage, a Catalina deal can make you money. If the total on the item(s) you are buying is less than the amount on the Catalina you get from the cashier you have just made a profit! For example if you spend (after any coupons) $2.60 and receive $5 back, you just earned $2.40 on the deal!

There are two types of Catalina deals. Please note, that before we used to have to calculate the shelf and sale prices of items to figure out what would qualify for the reward. This seems to be a thing of the past, so all instructions for the shelf vs. sale price Catalina have been removed.

The weekly flyer will say “spend $15 get $5” Catalina back (dollar amounts will vary). Sometimes only one item will qualify for the deal, but often times there will be many products you can mix & match to reach the required dollar amount.

REMEMBER: When you spend coupons the are like MONEY and it will not matter if they cause your total to go below the required amount. If the deal does not go how I thought it would, I will return the items right there in the store and ask for my coupons back.

In order to repeat this type of deal, you will have to have multiple orders. Just separate your items on the belt and let the cashier know you will be doing separate orders. You can then use the first Catalina to pay for the second order, and so on.

The other kind of Catalina deal is “Buy 4 items receive $6 back.”  The value and quantities of the reward will vary, but these deals are simple. Of course, you can use coupons on these types of deals and you have to do separate transactions if you want to do the deal more than once.

Sometimes Catalina deals will have different qualifying amounts. For example, buy 2 boxes of cereal, receive $1 back, buy 4, get $2 back, buy 6 or more, get $4 back. These type of Catalinas require some math, and factor in coupons. If the cereal coupon is $1 off 3 boxes, it may be most beneficial to buy six boxes and use two coupons.

There are weekly Catalina deals that will be in the weekly advertisement, there are monthly Catalina deals that are available online (print one for yourself) and there are offers avalible through Coupon Network.

Buy One Get One Free

For most items, the items will ring up half price. It is nice because you can just buy one and it will be 50% off. You can still use a coupon!  If you are purchasing MEAT you must buy two of the same product and the lesser item will be free. This does not include items like hot dogs, most frozen meat or bacon.

Competitor’s Coupons

 Here is the policy for competitor’s coupons:

  • We accept competitor coupons provided they are from a grocery, convenience store or pharmacy retailer.  We will not accept restaurant coupons.
  • Must be for dollars or cents off a total order or a specific product.  We are not able to accept % off competitor coupons.
  • All competitor coupons must comply with the overall coupon policy above in terms of valid expiration dates, stacking, item limits, printed coupons, photocopies, etc.
  • Competitor coupons will not be accepted through self-checkout register lanes.
  • Competitor coupons are not subject to doubling.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse any competitor coupon that appears to be fraudulent.

So it sounds like they will take coupons for say $5 off a $25 (if it is not a internet printed coupon).

Competitors coupons will NOT double.

Giant Eagle has a different definition of “stacking” than the general coupon world. To Giant Eagle, stacking is combining eOffers (electronic) with paper coupons (which used to be allowed, but is not anymore). To everyone else, stacking means taking a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon and using them on the same item.

This is how it worked for me: The cashier scanned my card and all my items. I then handed her the manufacturer coupons and store coupons. She scanned the manufacturer coupons, and they went through just fine. Next, she had a special barcode taped to the register, she scanned it, then manually entered the amount of my competitor coupons, one at a time.

This policy may and probably will change as they receive feedback from the stores! I will update whenever new information is available!


Unlike a convince stores sale of 2/$3 where you must purchase two items to get the discount at Giant Eagle when the ad says “5 for $5″ you do not have to buy five. Any quantity purchased will receive the discount.

Seasonal Merchandise

Seasonal merchandise can be found at Giant Eagle and will be discounted after that season is over. This can be a great time to buy cookie cutters or Easter decorations. Many stores have places where they will keep shopping carts full of discounted merchandise- learn where your store keeps them!

In Store Markdowns

I like to go to Giant Eagle in the morning, after the in store markdowns have been applied for the day. Look for little yellow stickers on perishable items. Do not remove the coupon yourself, the cashier must remove it. These coupons will not go through the Self-Check without some help by a cashier.

Fuel Perks

At Giant Eagle for every $50 you spend, you will earn $.10 off per gallon of gas, up to 30 gallons. You coupon “money” does not count toward your total.  Fuel Perks expire two months after the last day of the month they are earned. For example, any Fuel Perks earned during April will expire at the end of June. Make sure you get all 30 gallons by filling up your vehicle and your spare gas cans. They will not let you fill up multiple vehicles in one transaction.

Don’t worry if you have earned more Fuel Perks than the cost of gas, any leftovers will be left on your account.

Keep your eye out in the ad, sometimes you can earn “Bonus Fuel Perks” for purchasing gift cards or certain products. Often at Christmas time or for back to school an extra Perk will be added to certain gift cards like Kohl’s or

Purchase Gift Cards for Fuel Perks

It is easy to rack up the Fuel Perks when purchasing gift cards for your regular shopping or as gifts. There is a large amount of gift cards at Giant Eagle in many different denominations, including, Subway, Kohl’s, JoAnn Fabrics, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Best Buy. If you eat at Bob Evans each week or are on your way to Sears to buy tools, an extra stop at Giant Eagle to purchase a gift card can save you a lot in gas! You can buy gift cards at Get Go and they will count toward your total just as if you had bought them in the store.