B1G1F – What’s The Deal?

This week, there are a ton of great buy one get one free deals! Commonly in the coupon world, this is listed as B1G1F (or it could be B2G1F, or any variation).

At some stores, you have to buy both, but Giant Eagle is different. Here are the basics when it comes to buy one get one at Giant Eagle.

First of all, when it comes to meat (and not packaged meat like lunchmeat, packaged sausages or bacon) you must buy two. And, for example, if the “Family Pack” and “Value Pack”chicken breasts are B1G1F, make sure you get two of the same thing. If you buy one “Family Pack” and one “Value Pack” you will pay full price for both. Also, whichever is cheaper will be free. Since these are sold by weight, try to buy two that are as close as possible in size, and that will result in getting the most from buying one and getting one free.

Getting that out of the way, everything else in the store, when on sale B1G1F is actually half off the regular price. This is great for several reasons. First, if you don’t want two of whatever is on sale, you can just buy one and get it half off. Or you can buy three, and get them all half off. Also, you can use a coupon on each item.

The ad also can give us some valuable information. Notice this Hillshire Farm sale. The sausage is B1G1F, it is meat, but not in the meat department where the workers are (not sure how else to define that!?). They ad says in the bottom right corner, “Save with your [pic of card]“. This means we do not know the shelf price of the item. Read on to find out why this matters!

In this Pepperidge Farm example, bread is B1G1F, and in the bottom corner it says “Save up to $3.98 with your [card]“. With this information, we can know that one loaf of bread costs $3.98, and so this week each loaf will cost half of that, or $1.99.

And if you have coupons for that bread (this is just an example) the deal gets even better. If you had a $.50/1 coupon, you could buy one loaf for $1.99, use your coupon (double!) and get the loaf for $.99. You could buy two loaves with two coupons and pay $1.98 for both, or three with three coupons and pay $2.97.

If your coupon was $1/2, you could buy two, and pay 2/$2.98.

Here at Couponing In Birdland, this is how it will look in my matchups:

Pepperidge Farm Bread – B1G1F ($3.98)
Use $.50/1 from x/x SS
Final- $.99

The price listed in the advertisement will be after the B1G1F, so you can know that half of that is the price of one item. If the price is not listed, I will try to check for you, and if you know the price, email me (bea@couponinginbirdland.com) or leave a message on the Facebook wall. I’ll be happy to give credit to the first person who lets me know.

Sometimes they will list several items together as B1G1F. In this case, we do not know if both Emerald and Pop Secret are $6.58 shelf, because it says “Save Up to $6.58.” One of those could be $6.58, and the other less. You can still just buy one and get it half off.

Lastly, what happens if you have a B1G1 free coupon with a B1G1F sale at Giant Eagle? Well, you kinda get a little bit screwed. At some other stores, if you buy one at $3, and get one free on sale (from the store), your B1G1F coupon would be worth $3, making both free. But at Giant Eagle, each item rings up $1.50, so your coupon would be take off $1.50. Then you get both for $1.50. I don’t think that is the right way to do it, but it’s how it works

I hope this helps you all! Please let me know if you have any more questions! :)


  1. Amanda Busser says:

    thank you !!!

  2. Karisa says:

    I hadn’t realized that is how GE does BOGO sales (half off each item) and when they had a BOGO sale on Oscay Mayer hotdogs I was excited because I had a BOGO coupon also. When I got home and realized that I still paid for one item I emailed them saying that I was disappointed and thought that if it said that I should have gotten both for free. They ended up mailing me a gift certificate for more than the item even was saying they were sorry I was not happy. Well, that made me happy and now I know to pricematch BOGO sales at walmart if I want to use a BOGO coupon along with it.

    • Bummer you were disappointed, but it sounds like it worked out in the end! Sometimes it works out well, and sometimes it can be a pain, just depends on the sale and what coupons are out :)

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