Are you a Yook or a Zook?

Interesting question! Do you want some background before answering it? I thought so! I recently stumbled across this Pin from E is for Explore. I thought it sounded like such a fun experiment!

The back story actually goes back pretty far- 1994 when I was in fourth grade. My class did a big pioneer unit, and one of the activities was making butter! I remember shaking a little baby food jar till it I got butter. (My mom also helped me hand-sew a doll and she made me a matching dress!) I wanted to recreate it with my kids.Butter1When I decided to do this with my kiddos, I headed to my library and requested The Butter Battle Book and The Best of Dr. Seuss DVD that has an animated version of the book. Then I went to the store, and forgot which I needed- heavy whipping cream or half and half? I picked half and half. Wrong! So back to the store to buy heavy whipping cream. My store had a tiny milk carton sized container for about $1.50.

Butter2First we read the book, then we worked on the butter. I started with 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream in a pint canning jar. Any little water-tight jar should work. I’m not sure if you have to use glass (I’m remembering from fourth grade with a glass baby food jar) but I had the canning jars so we went with those. I found instructions on LifeHacker that said to shake for 2 minutes, then let it rest for two minutes. Then repeat until you have butter. We ended up shaking 3 times (total of 6 minutes). Before each “rest” we opened them up and took a look at what was happening. At first it was just the liquid, then after the second shake it seemed more like pudding. Then during the third shake we noticed that it was starting to form a solid! When we opened it up after the third shake there was a bit of liquid and chunk of butter! I then poured off the liquid and put it in the refrigerator while we watched the movie.


There is some serious shaking going on!

In our homeschool group, Classical Conversations, our week 13 science memory work is “What are the states of matter? Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma.” It was fun to discuss how we started out with a liquid, added a little friction, and ended with a solid!

Overall, this was a really cute, fun, quick project! After the movie we toasted some bread, and as you can see, both my kiddos are Zooks!Butter3

Cleaning Eggs

Long time no post, huh?! It has just been so busy, and I really haven’t felt like I have had much to offer. Also I am working a guest post over at Hall of Fame Moms. I will let you know when it is ready!

My husband and I have been looking into home building, buying, renting, oh it has been a stressful process that is not even close to being over! But we are relying on prayer and a BIG God that has a plan for our lives, and hopefully soon He will let us in on that plan!

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 KJV Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

On to the reason for this post! A few years ago we started a new way to encourage our kiddos to clean up their room independently. At the time they were 3 and 5, and it was such a headache convincing them to clean up their toys, I really felt like Mama Bear with a big box, ready to throw away any toys that were left strewn about. I got angry, they got upset, oh it was just all bad.Couponing In Birdland Eggs

So I devised the “Egg System.” (I really haven’t come up with a better name than that) When it is time for the kids to clean their room, they always ask, “Can we do the eggs?” Start with an empty egg carton and a dozen plastic eggs. Then what I do is put a dime in each egg. You can adjust the reward to your kids, it could be each egg is worth 5 minutes past bedtime, or some other creative reward. Right now my 4 and 6 year old are content with the dimes, so we are sticking with it!

When my kids were very small, I organized their room so that toys all had their own bin, and I laminated a picture label for each bin. Then when it was time to clean up, I would push all the mess to the middle, making a pile, and put all the bins back on the shelves. That way the kids just had to pick up toys from the pile and put them in the correct bin. Now that they are older, they can handle much more by themselves.

Then, when it is time to clean their room (usually I do this once a week, but we don’t have a set schedule) I pull out my kitchen timer and set it for 5 minutes. Each kid starts with 6 eggs, after 5 minutes if the room is not clean (it never is!) I take away one egg from each kid and set the timer for another 5 minutes. Then once the room is clean, however many eggs are left, they get to keep the money in those eggs. They are often left with 2-3 dimes. I am probably going to have to upgrade to quarters soon!

Couponing In BirdlandNow, I don’t always pay my kids for contributing to our family, they are often asked to clean, take out trash, help with dishes, and whatever age appropriate task is needed to be done (without any pay). And every once in a while I have them clean their room without the benefit of the eggs, I don’t want them to think that they should get paid for every little thing they do. But I do think it is important to teach them about money, how to work hard to earn a paycheck, and how to budget and spend money, and this helps with those skills.

I am personally *just terrible* at keeping up with sticker charts and things like that. This is something that requires no continuous upkeep, and it still motivates my kiddos after almost two years.  And if money rewards are not your style, there are lots of other rewards you can use! You could equate a certain number of eggs to a parent-child date night, or time with electronics.

So what works for your family? Are you one that can keep up with sticker charts? (You have my envy!) Or is there something else that works well?

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Printables (for Moms!)

I was looking through the printables this morning  and found a whole list of Gerber coupons, and coffee coupons! Seems like young mamas might love both :)
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End of January – Print Now!

It’s the end of the month, which means many of these printables will disappear or even reset tomorrow, so print them now while you can, and hope that maybe you can print them again! Happy Printing!

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Homeschooling – Mid Year

So we are a little bit past half way of our very first year of homeschooling! We have gotten back into our co-op, Classical Conversations after a long winter break, and my son keeps asking when we are going back and is counting down the days till next Tuesday.

Couponing In Birdland

Ray at our co-op.

We have been making great progress since my last update, but we have made a few changes.

  • We are still working on our memory verses for church.
  • Kylie has finished the Saxon K and started on the 1st grade math. We are taking it super slow, completing half a lesson, usually three days a week. Ray is about half way through the 1st grade math.
  • Reading and phonics is where we have changed it up the most. We have just added the Sonlight Language Arts 1st grade program for Ray, and I have ordered Alpha-Phonics (it hasn’t come yet) for Kylie.
  • They are both enjoying swimming lessons and Kylie is loving gymnastics at the YMCA.

We have settled into a pretty good routine, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I get up and ready to get moving by around 7 am, then I clean the house and organize the days school work till about 9 am then we get started. We work until 11 and break for a snack, then we get back to it and are usually done by 1 (Kylie is done earlier) and we have lunch and are done with formal school work. Our afternoons usually consist of a nap for Kylie and some educational TV or DVDs for Ray. Tuesdays are our co-op day, so we are up and out the door by 8:15, and not home until after 1. Thursdays are swimming and gymnastics, so we just fit in whatever school we can around those activities.

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Some days though, are harder then other days…

IMG_4728I just loved her face! This was a Monday morning when we were all struggling to get moving! Most days she is my eager student! :)

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10% Off Target

Target had some security problems starting Black Friday. If you used a credit or debit card there you should read this story from the Washington Post. To make up the hassle to their customers, they are offering 10% off most of the store this weekend! (Saturday 12/21 and Sunday 12/22) Read the press release from Target.

There are some exclusions (including Boze, Apple, Gift Cards, Video Games and a few other items) so ask about those when you get to your store. After they cashier had scanned all my items and scanned my coupons, he scanned a barcode that was on a slip of paper by the register. It saved me about $5!

If you still have Christmas shopping to do, this might just be perfect! And if you regularly buy household items at Target, an extra 10% off might be a reason to stock up a bit!

If you are headed to target, here is a GREAT deal you can score!

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